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Message from the President & CEO

We will continuously challenge ourselves to create business ecosystems.
The Nihon Unisys group has continuously taken on business areas of ‘challenge’ and ‘reform’ under the mid-term management plan launched in the fiscal year ended March 2016.

In the first six months of the fiscal year, the second year of the plan, we posted net sales of ¥127.4 billion (a 0.7% decrease from the same period of the previous fiscal year), operating income of ¥5.0 billion (a 16.3% increase), and net income of ¥3.5 billion (a 40.7% increase). Despite a slight decrease in net sales, we have continued to increase our income steadily due to improved profitability.

The key strategic areas mentioned in the plan include both the business areas of ‘challenge’ and ‘reform’. The challenge business area can be broken down into ‘digital innovation’ and ‘life innovation’. In the area of ‘digital innovation’, payment/settlement related services have grown steadily on the basis of our continued efforts. Furthermore, we have intensified our efforts to support new technologies such as those for robots and AI. In the latter area, with our efforts in solving societal issues through interconnected services we have been at the forefront of creating the cutting-edge business ecosystems. Our experience in providing services mainly in the fields of medical care, energy, disaster prevention, traffic, and payment/settlement, will provide a strong foundation for our future achievements.

There are signs that we have made steady achievements in the business area of reform as a result of continuing efforts to reform business models with our eyes set on improving profitability improvement.
Moreover, we have implemented initiatives to reform corporate culture and human resource capabilities in order to cultivate environments capable of innovations.

We believe that the group will augment its corporate value and contribute to solving societal issues based on new values created through our efforts in the business areas of challenge and reform.

While kindly asking all our shareholders and investors to anticipate the emergence of a Nihon Unisys group that is pushing toward the realization of its aims, I gratefully look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the years to come.

December, 2016